When people say yaoi is disgusting:

Well fuck.

Hiya. I’m still alive. I think.


Little musings

So, I finished playing Batman: Arkham Asylum for like a long time ago but I decided to play it again last night. And I got addicted into BatmanxJoker pairing again I just can’t stop myself from shipping the two of them. Well, I mean, I played Arkham Asylum and there a tiny little bits of hints that the two of them were getting into it. But when I played Batman: Arkham City, Joker really proved. Why? Well, let’s just say he practically treats Batman like his husband or something.

Shit, I’m one insane chick. Joker, what did you do?

Anyway, another random post from moi. I missed you guys.

Fuck, I’m really insane.

Jack Frost, damn you and your beautiful face.

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Seeing two hot guys walking together

Friend: OMG, they're so cute! I wish they don't have a girlfriend...!

Me: OMG, they look so cute together! I wish they're a couple!

Friend: Not again.

The manga is called Kimi to date. I already recommended the manga because it’s freaking cute even if it’s only a oneshot. So go on and click the link to read it. It won’t disappoint you. ^^

Recommended yaoi manga: Kimi to Date [Oneshot]

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Summary: Tsuge Kazuma is arguably having the worst moment of his life. A chance meeting with the ever timid Nagano leads Tsuge to rely on a his kindness.

Author/Writer: Suzuki Tsuta

Scanned by: Dangerous Pleasure

Read Online: HERE

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